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For all of Life's Creative Moments

Every moment tells a story. Ours is all about cleaning people up and turning showering into an unforgettable experience.

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The Oxygenics Engine

It’s what powers our showers. And it’s a master of efficiency, giving you maximum strength with minimum water consumption.

Check Out How It Works

Bigger. Better. Vortex.

Why did we make such a big shower head? The question you should be asking is what does the Vortex do that your shower head can’t? (Hint: A lot)

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Staying True to Our Eco Roots

What are eco-roots? They’re our founding principles that make us want to build the most efficient shower heads you’ll find anywhere.

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For all of Life's Dirty Moments

Cute, right? Not if you’re the one in charge of bath time. But don’t worry, our super-powered shower heads can help.

Learn how we keep it clean.

Oxygen-Infused Water is Good For You

Which is why we made it a key part of our shower heads. Turns out oxygen isn’t just for breathing anymore.

Learn how oxygen makes showers better

We Only Make Shower Heads

By focusing on just one area, we can leverage our strengths to make the best shower heads available.

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Lifetime Performance Guarantee

Outstanding performance shouldn’t be optional. That’s why we guarantee it with every one of our shower heads.

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Make Showering Fun!

Your kids will love learning to shower with shower heads shaped like their favorite character. It’s the perfect way to turn showering into something they'll look forward to all day long.

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